General Building Policies

     Any individual or group desiring to use any part of the building or equipment must contact the church office in advance and fill out a Use of Church Facilities form (F13.2). If applicable, the deposit must be paid at that time. The Office Manager will place the event on the official church calendar (ring binder in her office). The official church calendar will be considered the official record in case of conflicting claims.

     All church-sponsored activities will have priority over non-church activities on the calendar.

     NO SMOKING is allowed in any part of the church building at any time.

     NO ALCOHOL is to be consumed on the church property or in any part of the building at any time.

     All groups are expected to treat the facilities and equipment with the utmost care. Return everything to its proper place, and leave the facility exactly as you found it.

     Decorating is acceptable, provided that all decorations are removed before leaving.

     Seasonal decorations will remain through the holiday season. They will not be removed for weddings and other functions.

     Church property shall not be used by any profit-seeking organization.

     Food will be catered by a caterer approved by the church.

     Children and youth groups must have at least two adults present (approved by the Children’s or Youth Council, and preferably trained in Safe Sanctuary standards).

     Church property shall not be removed from the facility unless checked out through the church office.

     UMT groups may do their own cleaning and dishwashing or employ special help.

     When kitchen equipment is used, a person acceptable to the kitchen supervisor must be present.

     TIME LIMIT: Non-church-related activities are limited to four hours (in addition, but not limited to, one hour set-up and one hour clean-up). The function must end no later than 9:00 p.m. Outside group events in Scott Hall must end no later than 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

     Facilities shall not be used for any purpose which conflicts with the aims and objectives of the United Methodist Temple. Effective 11/01/2013        



Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Our church is pleased that you are considering the celebration of your wedding and the beginning of your married life together at the United Methodist Temple (UMT). It is our hope that this wedding policy will give you the guidelines needed to make your wedding plans and ceremony go as smoothly as possible. Please read this policy carefully and ask any questions you might have. Our pastor and wedding coordinator have a great deal of experience with weddings, and they will assist you in all pertinent aspects of the planning. We look forward to working with you and hope that the next months will be filled with joy and blessings and anticipation as you begin to prepare for your life in Christ together. 



A custodian must be on hand for any and all evening and weekend activities, including UMT members using facilities for a party (unless a pastor is present for the event and requests no custodial assistance). All events have a minimum of $100 (four hours) custodial fee. 

Special fees will be considered for groups using multiple rooms for large events and for events requiring additional time on a case-by-case basis.

Check-Out Program Items such as tables, folding chairs, etc., may be signed out with a $25 deposit. The deposit will be refunded when the items are returned to the church in the same condition as when they were borrowed.